For all the widely entrenched brands, the crisis management situation is no uncanny, but for the global scale and continued uncertainty revolving around, COVID-19 is nothing but a misery, not for one, but for all.  All the guidebooks and methodologies which ever came into play are now as useless as any old piece of newspaper containing breaking news of the time, doesn’t matter anymore. Now is the time for evolve into new strategies and adapting them in real time. On the same, the question doesn’t change as per the brands do but the point is the answer for the same would be different for each brand, for some might have their ways sorted for how to make people believe that they’ll get through this together while some might be working on making the strategies, which is a late response in this swift situation. There are quite some impactful ways which many of the brand advertisers are taking up to up their game in this situation, knowing of the fact whoever comes into play and wins it during these time, will get their name up for a long time, succeeding than many of the companies.


As more and more people are staying home and self isolating themselves, brands need to anticipate the sudden changes occurring in consumer behavior which in turn, might impact on how they interact with these brands as well and hence, needs and expectations are going to increase drastically.

Just like airlines are providing with flexible bookings and zero rates applying on ticket cancellations, events happening on large scale have been shifted to online modes than cancelling. While being a brand, the better you anticipate the probable solutions and scenarios, the more prepared you’ll be in implementing them as well.


Knowing of the rates at which stores were getting sold out, rate of increased panic buying, one of the world’s largest producers of toilet paper, Cattonelle came up with their mantras to ease with these situations, a campaign, partnering with a U.S. based charity. This urged people to use a hash tag i.e. “#sharethesquare” after buying from them and for everyone who used their hash tag, the brand is donating additional amount to the charity.

Alongside, McDonalds started taking the outlined health precautions, like temperature checks for employees before and after the end of their shifts and only brought this to the frontline that they won’t hesitate in closing temporarily or cancelling any customer activity keeping in mind the situations. Also, they’ve mentioned that the take the utmost courage in informing their consumer about the actions they take amidst the situations, which they’ll take in favor of the customers keeping in mind their benefits.


Ford, a brand which has been there during the past global-case crisis, from building military equipment during the world war-II situation and today, conveying their commitment towards their fighting this virus by manufacturing medical equipment  which beautifully explains about the company’s century –long commitment to their consumers and the mission they dig in. Alongside, they are supporting those consumers going through financial hardships through their Ford Credit Payment Relief program.

Along with this, some of the pharmacy companies have started their short series of asking consumer’s FAQs to COVID-19. Drive through testing’s, free prescription deliveries and much more are a few steps forward in the same.


Helping people who couldn’t get to their homes because of the lockdown and lack of transportation mediums, yes, this is what some brands like IKEA are doing. By doing so, they strive to help people remind of their stable worlds they created but couldn’t lead to because of the situations, which is a very considerate way of letting people know of their by actually being there and sowing brand loyalty and realization.

These small initiatives and tiny yet clever perspectives are what brands using amidst this virus situation, addressing the sitch is making them grow through these but these are not just it, many other ways can be adopted, leading to this crisis marketing without any fail.

With all this, increasing the digital content efforts, adjusting marketing strategies are a great way to understand and implement in favor of both consumer and the brand itself.

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